PAF laboratory owns and operates a very unique scanner. Not only it is capable of scanning flat surfaces without contact, it also saves information about the texture of the surface.

scanner machine in the laboratory

How does the ArtScanner ‘see’ the texture?

The ArtScanner operates with three separate optic cameras and illuminates the scanned object from two angles at various magnitudes. In the process of the scanning, the machine captures all the different lightning images and ‘knits’ them together. We can then save digital pictures with several lightning angles, ranging from quite steep angle at setting +10, with +0 as the ordinary flat scan and towards -10 as the opposing angle. We now have up to 21 images that can form an animated preview of the structure.

See below the difference between a flat scan (left) and the full range with detailed structure on the right. Drag the arrows icon left/right to see the comparison.

And that’s not all! We can enhance for 3D as well. See the advanced chapters under the preview or click for more details or analysis.

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    Analysis of Details

    Compare Flat vs. Relief

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